Here are some of the best free apps to keep you connected to the outside world.
FaceTime – is great but only works with apple products.

Google Duo – works on all devices but most people don’t know about it, so some set up required. 

Facebook Messenger – this may be one of the best options because almost everyone has a Facebook account which means they have a messenger account as well. It is likely that you could voice or video chat with almost anyone you know. 

WhatsApp – another great choice especially if you have family and friends overseas. This is very popular everywhere but a standard outside the United States. 

Skype – great for remote work and screen sharing. 

There are plenty of options so start calling friends and family via video chat. It’s more personable and it’s great to see each other. There is no reason to feel secluded with all of this technology available to us. 

Stay healthy and stay connected!