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Well, not really, but we sometimes pretend we have super powers that save the world wide web one website at a time. But seriously, it takes a lot of skill to do what we do.

We have become known for our beautiful and highly-functional websites that deliver artistic design merged with professional quality.

Our capabilities don’t just stop at lovable websites though. We also build intelligent apps, optimize your visibility with SEO and SEM, beta test and advise on new technology for teams, and so much more. Bottom line, we are qualified and experienced to help you love your online presence.

We make it simple to share your ideas with your target audiences.

Each service we offer follows the latest industry standards and design trends.



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A Little Of Our Story


Hi! I’m Sean, the the founder of this totally awesome company called Geek Factory. I have been building websites and developing software solutions for over a decade, and decided in 2013 to make things official.

There are two codes that I consider most important to me and my business: the code that I write, and the gentleman code that I live by. That is what you get when you partner with our team at Geek Factory.

We are educated professionals, passionate developers, and we work hard to offer our clients the best service. If you like what you see and are considering a partnership, give us a shout!

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